Indifferent Ignorance got 2000 hits! In a year!

  Considering the only people reading this are my long-suffering friends, it’s magic.

  It’s time for a new look. A new theme. A new URL too, come to that. How about!

  My minions and I (Isobel, Ellen, Elizabeth) have been in deep discussions over this, and between us we have worked out a game plan. Different colours, font, new writing, an actual reason to write on here instead of my previous idea of ‘I only say what everyone else thinks’.

  I think the changeover should be Halloween. Do you think Halloween? Isobel does. So do I.

  But it’s really all about the dudes reading this. SO COMMENT. AND SUBSCRIBE. NOW.


  1. Frederinas great!!!! Good choice of name, but one day, the name gonna have to become big ( so i can see it when i see you in concert)(and because you will be playing in concert!)!

    And thanks for mentioning me. Im honoured, i truly am. Especially as you have also taken the time to use my name for the blog. 🙂

    see you soon, did have some more ideas for you, but just forgot them when i tried to think of them.


    Bel x 🙂


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