Jesus Died when He was 33, So Gerard’s Good Until 80.

I suppose I can’t call myself an MCR fan and let 9th April pass unnoticed. So happy 34th birthday Gerard Way!  I just went on Google to find a stupid and/or funny photo of Gerard to put here, but I couldn’t decide – so you can. Or you can look at his face for three minutes twelve times instead, yeah?


Ain’t they pretty.

Also, is it just me or does Gerard look half his age and act half that? According to my calculator, that’s seventeen and eight-and-a-half…


  1. “thank you guys for coming out”
    – my pleasure, gerard 🙂

    i never thought i’d see frank with an acoustic guitar, but, hey- theres a first time for everything.

    happy 34th(!) birthday Gerard 🙂


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