Calling on the MCRmy and Killjoys (come on guys, it’s half term… spare me a minute?!)

So I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone I know/who’s following me on Twitter by now that I’m working on a handful of My Chem-esque pieces that are, sort of, art. The first two are pretty cool, if I may say so myself, although I need to buy an ink eraser for the couple of times I wasn’t paying attention or was writing with my eyes shut (happens more than I care to admit). I do, however, need your help with the third piece.

We all know that the guys in My Chem say some interesting stuff. Often funny and usually intelligent stuff, yes? We also know that there are twenty million fangirl-created websites dedicated to the guys’ quotes. Quotes which I’m going to – artistically, of course, ahem – incorporate into this final piece. My only problem is, it’s really hard to work out what has been adapted to fit websites, mis-heard or misinterpreted (we all know now that Mikey hasn’t ever actually stuck any forks in toasters, right?). Evidence is needed.

So I’m asking you lot to do some YouTube searching and Googling, and link me quotes which the band has actually said. By that I mean: hit the comment button, write what who said and when, and link the video/recording/genuine article. You know, if it was in a New York Times piece, I’m more inclined to believe it than if it was on a blog (unless it’s Cassie’s blog. Then it’s probably accurate). I am a perfectionist when it comes to work, so if I think something isn’t one hundred per cent true, it won’t make the cut. I already have a handful, but I’m working on A3 paper and I’m supposed to be revising for three GCSEs and writing an English essay… Apparently this education lark must come before My Chem fan art. So I’m calling on you guys, since it’s half term and I know you’re nice.

If there’s a problem with commenting on here, or if the quote’s really long, email it with the link to

I will accept Gerard’s onstage ramblings.

Body Clock Time: 3:30am. Actual Time: 7:30pm.

Can I just say, Tighter is a lot of fun. So is the arty project thing I’m working on at the moment, which I can’t talk about until it’s done because I’m superstitious.

Just know, dear readers, that it is time-consuming enough that I keep forgetting to go to bed, which makes me kind of tired, and therefore more forgetful, which is why I haven’t blogged much lately… I think of things to tell you all, and I then promptly forget.

Writing that paragraph was actually difficult… I will not become a coffee addict. I won’t. Ahh.

Is this cruel?!

Before I forget: happy belated thirty-something birthday to LynZ Way, I will not be selling From Shibuya With Love for anything, although I will let you look and maybe touch for a reasonable price (I am open to other-than-cash suggestions) and I have loads to say, honest, I just can’t remember any of it…


I wasn’t sure who to text/Twitter-ify/email first, so I thought I’d put my joyous news on here and go to bed happy that everyone’s equal.


It’s so pretty, isn’t it?! So’s this, I think:

Yes, that is being held down by a pot of hemp cream and a geography textbook.

Oh, and it’s also a few signatures. But… you know…

Small detail.

I am so happy, I’m walking around all smiley. Woo!

Is it wrong to be grateful for the #SINGItForJapan campaign because it got me a signed lithograph? Yes, it is (in my defense, I was only expecting Frank’s).

Happy Thursday!

I Used to Say There’s Nothing in this World to Make Me Suicidal. I Was Wrong.

I know for a fact that no one’s going to read this until at least Monday, because the whole of Europe is completely fixated on Eurovision.

Which, I’m sorry, is a modern-day League of Nations.

Okay, so there have been a few good Eurovision acts. I love me a bit of Abba… I also saw that Bucks Fizz song on TV the other day, that’s pretty funny. I spent the whole video trying to guess the year… I thought 1976 until they took the skirts off, then I went for 1982… it was 1981 in the end.

Anyway, I think Lady Gaga should be an honerary European for the weekend with that Judas song (which has Judas wearing Jesus’ crucifixion gear in the video, I believe? What’s up with that? Judas committed suicide after he sold Jesus out. No spiky crown).

Another complaint: why are all these male acts talking about wanting girls? I’m sorry, but if Jedward aren’t at least half gay, there’s some issues with the universe.

I didn’t even know Estonia’s in Europe.

So, if anyone can explain to me what the point of Eurovision is, I’d appreciate it. I’m currently going through my grandparents’ families trying to find someone who isn’t from Europe originally. It’s not worked, I might vote Malta and be done with it.

Ooh, Greece is on. I bloody hope my mum’s watching this. She and Michelle could get the locals to sing along. Or not. There’s rapping.

Oh yeah, Russia always do well, Mr. Norton, because the Eastern Bloc is very much alive in this competition.

This Five Day Week Deal is Tough Shit, My Friends (I haven’t done this since March)

Unless something very drastic and/or exciting happens in the next couple of weeks, this is going to be my last wordy blog in a while, for a couple of reasons: first, I have some exams coming up at school, and I’m told they’re a big deal… I’ve decided to revise for them, anyway (cue applause). Secondly, I seem to have botched my wrist from typing, writing and hitting the arrow keys on the keyboard incessantly.

I’m not in grave danger, but lifting a mug of coffee has started to feel like something I’d rather not do with my right hand. So until I’m ambidextrous and not being told A*s aren’t good enough, you can expect a lot of this in the coming weeks:

You’re welcome.

And yes, that is Show Pony, aka Ricky Rebel.

Is it just me, or does that girl look like Miley Cyrus?!

I’m really glad Jimmy couldn’t skate and was a Draculoid instead.

May the Fourth Be With You, Etc.

Joke overheard while I was getting books out of my locker this lunchtime: “Prince Harry has been reported missing after going to a costume party in Pakistan.”

Heh heh.

While we’re on the subject, how stupid/genius have the people at Fox News been lately? First Glenn Beck, now this:

To slightly quote Nick Frost on Twitter, why is Osama’s picture on the news one of him looking like a misunderstood angel? Seriously. They could at least have the Towers falling in the background or something…

Anyway, who’s excited about the referendum? No, me neither. Whatever the voting system in this country, we will still end up with an arsehole in a suit and lots of broken promises, I’m not fussed on how he gets there. If you are interested, however:

In other news, My Chem have been nominated for nine billion Kerrang! awards, I live in Zone 33 and it’s Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you! This used to come up amongst random pictures of the girls and I when you Google Image ‘Indifferent Ignorance’, I’ve been wanting to use it for ages.

This is a new one, but it seems rather appropriate in the circumstances:


I knew I forgot something! Thank you to Mike Pedicone for putting this on Twitter. The flag gets in the way, what’s God trying to tell you?