The Ten O’Clock News: There’s a Word for What Happens to Your Nose When You Have a Cold!

Actually I don’t think there is. When I started this post I felt sure I could come up with a term, but the thing about colds is that they render the brain completely useless. So any suggestions are welcome. So far I’ve considered: Tissue rash Snotticus nasalrash Sneeze-induced face rash Notevenmedicationcansolvethis Ugh. Help.

I Was Thinking About Sherlock‘s Imminent Return and Had a Mild Epiphany…

  Then I remembered some blue paper that’s been crying out for something blog-y and decorated my room: Very tempted to make it the first ever piece of Indifferent Ignorance merch, though it’d be limited edition because I only have one pack of the blue paper. Or maybe if other bloggers who can also claim […]

The Ten O’Clock News: Some People At FOX Are Mad-Angry Not Mad-Irritated At Non-Republicans!

I think Paxman looked like he was asleep on Newsnight a couple of weeks ago, so here are some funny news-ish videos because my eyes itch and those six hours of sleep are catching up with me.     Genuinely think that one day Holly Whillouby will lose her temper and bash Katie Hopkins with […]