The Eleven O’Clock News: How to Check the Apocalypse is Happening

So this is the last news ever posted while not everyone can get married in England and Wales. Unless the government turns turns to India for legislation advice anyway. Just in case that UKIP guy was right and tomorrow we’re all flooded out of house and home, leaving nothing but our Internet footprint as a […]

The Eleven O’Clock News: I Forgot to Title This But It’s Real Good for Learning Stuff.

I’m tapping this out on my iPad partially because I want to watch Sport Relief and partially because Sport Relief is basically what I always wanted PE to be as well as everything I’m studying in Politics at the moment… Minus the debates about the benefits of nuclear proliferation. So far, anyway. Everything on TV […]

Audience Participation Time Please! (Don’t worry it’s only a comment.)

Hello snowflakes. This week I’ve been attempting to organise myself and get closer to being a perfect handbag lady (without the threat of a breakdown, mostly) and that is why I’ve discovered – well, started using – HootSuite for all my Internet stuff. It’s very good, although I’m still learning it, but there is a […]

The Six O’Clock News: Examining the Bigger Picture of the Oscar Pistorius Trial (Mostly Unscientifically) So that You Don’t Have To!

I haven’t been sure what to talk about today because the week’s big news, Ukraine, is changing so fast that a blog would be redundant in about twenty minutes. In a lot of ways so would the Oscar Pistorius trial but Ruby and I were talking earlier about aspects of it, so let’s have a […]