“I am the master commander!”

There I was wondering what I’d talk about today, and then I clicked on a chain email from my mum, saw this and decided to ask if a) any of you think it’s real, b) if so how it’s done and c) if not, how it’s done.


It’s a mini-Transformer that hasn’t earnt its car parts yet.

This guy, on the other hand, has let us into the secret of scaring people shitless in Target. (Thanks to Cassie for Twittering this ages ago!)


Scaring people shitless… Hahaha…




“Biology Revision”, Or, “Signs I’ve Been an MCR Fan for Too Long”.

Recently we’ve been doing animal behaviour in Biology, and during today’s lesson I got really inspired… Here is what I learnt, and how my ideal class book would look:

  • We say 40-60% of our emotions with body language or facial expressions. Some gestures’ meanings vary from country to country, but some are internationally understood.

  • Mimicking somebody’s posture is a sign of safety and comfort.


  • Facial expressions are important as they display emotion.

Yes, I did just Google “Mikey Way’s pokerface” to find a picture that wasn’t already saved on my laptop (it was for 10 Days, okay).

Also my notes are crap. The lesson was far more interesting than that. Remind me to hunt down the videos of the peeing panda, swimming tigers and cheetah, and do a post on anthropomorphism.

“Watch for icebergs when you hire out the dingy, dear,” and Other Titanic-Based Discussion

A few weeks ago I made a really comprehensive blog plan for April, May and June, to ensure I’ve got something to say even when I’m pulling my hair out over exams, but I appear to have misplaced it… Not to worry though, because current events have provided inspiration (which I really felt the need to capitalise).

So let’s talk about RMS Titanic, and the sinking thereof. To be honest, I’ve never been too excited about the whole deal, mostly because I didn’t understand the hype about the DiCaprio film – but it’s nice to see people get jazzed about something that happened a century ago, especially in a society where events and projects are only around for as long as their trending topics. I did a quick Google-search just now, because it’s been a while since I read about the disaster, and I’m coming to the conclusion that one of the reasons it’s so talked about is because nobody saw it coming, it changed the way people viewed maritime expeditions, and there’s something terribly romantic about a ship of its size and social significance hitting an iceberg, sinking and drowning around two-thirds of those on board due to shoddy planning.

You couldn’t have written it if you’d tried, let’s face it… It reminds me of 9/11 a little, in that the Towers were – I think – the tallest buildings in New York at the time, nobody saw that coming, either, and it changed the world. Although, I’ve already waxed poetic about its effects (affects? I’ve been trying to learn the difference but it’s not sticking).

You know what’s always creeped me the hell out? This picture:

Large boats – ships, that would be – have always given me the shivers a little bit. They’re just so vast, and when you look up you can’t always see the top. When you’re on deck and look down, it’s just water, for miles. If you were down there, no one would hear you scream.

I’d love to get one of those TV psychics into a wetsuit and send them down to the wreck, just to see what happens. They could team up with the ghost-hunting lot, and a priest to grant the dead absolution, in case one didn’t manage to before the lights went out and they jumped. It would make an excellent reality show, wouldn’t it? RMS Titanic: the Remains. Channel 4, Thursday evenings.

They could get Kate Winslet to narrate.

Customary ‘Happy Birfday Geezy’ Post, With Bells and Whistles

So much My Chem stuff to talk about! Do I start chronologically or alphabetically or…

Let’s start by saying happy birthday Gerard. May you have beautiful hair, age backwards and make art and/or noise for at least thirty-five more years.

Also, also, congratulations Frank and Jamia! I got so nervous with that countdown he had going, even though most people thought it was until he Tweeted ‘HIATUS’ and deleted his account, or bathed his dogs. This is infinitely better, I spent most of Saturday grinning like an idiot. I feel a meme coming on: “How the universe perceives the MCRmy: ‘Emo wrist-slitters’. The actual MCRmy: ‘What is this Interwebz mindfuck… BABIES FTW!'”

Life is great in the world of MCR now, seriously… They even have labelled scissors and old-lady rugs. Now to translate the happy energy into my own life, get off the sofa, do some work and wash my hair.

Oh, and Frank interviewed a few bands on Mark Hoppus’ show last week. I don’t know if the whole show’s up on YouTube yet, but that can wait until I have another evening to waste. Let’s rewatch inspiring videos instead.



While I’m thinking about it, the MCRmy Census ends in three weeks. If you haven’t already filled it out and told your friends, get right on it.

Mindless Self Indulgence t-shirt

Mindless’s tour ended this week. I didn’t see it, but I am prepared to make a deal with the band: if they come to the UK to play, I will wear my shiny new Steve, t-shirt:

It’s a remake of a top I drew on in pen for my first My Chem show… I couldn’t think of lyrics to write, so I decided to use a band that was either another that I liked or piss loads of fangirls off.
This fit both on some level.
I chose Steve, Righ?’s name over the others’ because it contains punctuation, not because he is Dr. Death (the MCR show was the first ‘Danger Days’ show; the fact Steve plays Dr Death was actually a well-kept secret at the time. Hello, irony).

There are no pictures of me wearing it because I’m allergic to taking mirror-photos of myself, and it’s cold today so I’m also wearing a gigantic cardigan… The original t-shirt can be found here and here, and if you’re on DeviantART, do your thing here.

Cheap, Twitter-inspired post done. I was going to talk about History revision, but I haven’t really done any yet.