“Biology Revision”, Or, “Signs I’ve Been an MCR Fan for Too Long”.

Recently we’ve been doing animal behaviour in Biology, and during today’s lesson I got really inspired… Here is what I learnt, and how my ideal class book would look: We say 40-60% of our emotions with body language or facial expressions. Some gestures’ meanings vary from country to country, but some are internationally understood. Mimicking […]

“Watch for icebergs when you hire out the dingy, dear,” and Other Titanic-Based Discussion

A few weeks ago I made a really comprehensive blog plan for April, May and June, to ensure I’ve got something to say even when I’m pulling my hair out over exams, but I appear to have misplaced it… Not to worry though, because current events have provided inspiration (which I really felt the need to capitalise). […]

Customary ‘Happy Birfday Geezy’ Post, With Bells and Whistles

So much My Chem stuff to talk about! Do I start chronologically or alphabetically or… Let’s start by saying happy birthday Gerard. May you have beautiful hair, age backwards and make art and/or noise for at least thirty-five more years. Also, also, congratulations Frank and Jamia! I got so nervous with that countdown he had going, […]