‘My Immortal’: The Worst Fan Fiction You Will Ever Read… And It’s Not Even About Real People. Much.

We’ve all read stories that are so thoroughly crap that we can’t quite believe somebody sat down and wrote them, let alone had it in them to publish them. My Immortal, a Harry Potter fan fiction, is onesuch piece. I can’t describe its awfulness, although some people can. And some people… Can do dramatic readings.

Wear headphones, and pace yourself.






I actually haven’t read the whole story, republished here after it got banned by FFN for being so crap, but even before Isobel sent me the link to the above (I love you, little sister), I was planning on spending a good portion of summer wading through the whole car crash.

Wish me luck.

I’ve Got Some Good News, Some Bad News and Some My Chem Stuff.


The bad news is that for the next three-and-a-half months, I will be inundated with GCSE revision/exams and tendonitis. After my last exam, which is on the 27th June, I will simply be inundated with tendonitis. This means that there are going to be lots of short, snappy posts  in the near future, because, although I got a wrist-brace from physio (tentatively named Bernie), all my energy will be focussed on getting good enough grades to get into the sixth form I want.

The good news is that throughout May and June, there will be posts written by Isobel, as we will be publishing the diary she’ll keep while in Morocco on World Challenge in April. I will also be continuing with the MCRmy Census and The Webways (census is open until 30th April, tell your friends), but at an (even) slower pace than before. I love reading all your entries almost as much as I love bitching about logging them… More even, sometimes. The also-good-news is that I’m planning blogs and sorting dates to publish them, so Indifferent Ignorance can maintain some facsimile of normality while I battle test papers and hoard ibuprofen.

Sounds like a song title. Speaking of which. The next record will be about Christmas trees. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for our resident favourite band in MTV’s March Madness thingy. But don’t vote so much you end up with wrists like yours truly. Bernie is lovely, but makes me feel like an old lady.


Retweeted from @GerardWayPics, which had been Retweeted by @MCRmy_India, and showed up on the @MCRmyCensus timeline.

This was almost definitely taken before Donnie was born, since there’s beer by Gerard’s arm, but let’s not quibble… Reincarnation?!

Just did some Twitter stalking. Donnie the first may be a Donnette, named Bessina. What she was doing in Gerard’s lap is unclear.


NB: I’m working on a longer post, it just takes me a while to type these days.

Transmitting: TheWebways.net

I was going to post on Wednesday, but then a teacher at school did an assembly on what I wanted to talk about and it was so much better than anything I could write that I got disheartened. Also I’m not supposed to be using my right arm too much…

Which puts a spanner in the whole typing works.

So this is a week-late Frank’s Newest Project Post. http://www.thewebways.net. Check it out if you’re an MCR fan. Check it out if you aren’t. Tell me what you think regardless. And if you have a site, project or meetup you want featured, let me know!

While I’m thinking about it: I’m reworking the Transmissions page here, so it’s easier to find the crap I post on the Interwebz.

That really is all, everything I want to say requires more arm-power. Or the voice-recognition software I haven’t installed yet. So have a funny video to make up for the abrupt sentences:

Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day, Here’s Everything I Want to Talk About Using that Header.

Let me start of by saying, lovely blog, that I am very sorry to have ignored you recently. So I’m going to attempt to put everything cool that I’ve seen recently into one post and give it the theme of belated International Women’s Day.

First up: Chantal Claret’s new video for Pop Pop Bang Bang! I love the song because it is crazy and catchy and the video because it’s crazy and amazing. That said: you can tell what the content is in the first twenty-five seconds. If you think you’re going to have a problem, click pause (if you think you might and don’t click pause, kindly don’t complain about it after).

My favourite detail there has to be Chantal’s nails – everything’s got this classy kind of feel (tattoos and dead naked girls aside) and then you see this flash of yellow and pink on her hands, it’s fun.

Secondly: http://www.thewebways.net is open for business. The MCRmy Census will go up there when the results are published this summer, and in the mean time have a browse of the content and, if you have anything to submit, let me know.

While we’re on the subject of My Chem…

Thank you to Hayley for taking the picture and four for making the Exterminate template. New profile picture? Let’s face it, it shows little of my actual features and looks nothing like me… It’s perfect. Continuing the MCR theme and the IWD theme:

I mean, there are women in it…. Mum thought Gerard was a woman when she watched it… It counts.

Finally, this goes out to anyone who’s ever been on a plane:

Thanks to Roxy for that. There will be more posts pretty soon, if everything goes according to plan. Which it won’t. But I promise not to take ten days to update. Promise.