Shameless Promotion of My Own Work Because I Haven’t Sorted What I’m Meant to Post Yet.

It feels like a million years between posts. It probably is. Anyway, it seems the weather has been good for my creativity (or maybe I just need to let off some steam and not write about Romeo and Juliet), because I’ve written an epic of haikus – at least, a lot of haikus – done some […]

Exams Are Driving Me Crazy, and Shall Drive You Crazy Too

I’m supposed to be revising for tomorrow’s Physics exam (annihilation FTW) but I miss polluting you guys’ computer screens with stupidity, so without further ado… “Well played, Daily Mail, well played” via @ThePoke (Roxy). Cool friends, huh. I’ve changed my mind regarding the world’s stupidest RS question. It’s now a tie between “Christians should never […]

The End of the MCRmy Census! (let’s pretend I didn’t forget a title when I posted just now)

Snowflakes! I thought I’d better write an official-esque post marking the end of the MCRmy Census, but didn’t get around to it yesterday because I was, er, prom dress-shopping (regular readers: take the piss at will. Parts of that shop looked like a unicorn had puked rainbows onto chiffon). Anyway, it’s over. “Done, finished, kaput, in […]