Similar Differences

  Am off school with lurgie and was just watching Simple Plan’s video for their song ‘I’m Just a Kid’, which is pretty awesome. Cars, skateboards, interesting lyrics. It reminded me of,

  “You like D and D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet…”

  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Me neither, actually. I guess I’m just trying to compare the videos by Simple Plan (‘I’m Just a Kid’) and My Chemical Romance (‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’). Both set in schools, featuring misfits, accidents and the F word. I feel smart for realising it.

  The next time I blog I won’t mention MCR. Wait, no one reads this crap anyway, what the hell.

  Just go watch this and this.

  Happy Monday.

“I Want to Change the World.” With, Uh, a Dictionary?

  I remember, way back in 2007, I picked up Sugar magazine on a whim and read through the articles on makeup, hair, teenage boys being arseholes, etc., before coming to Ladmag. Usually I hardly read it because I think it’s a bit crap, but the cover star caught my eye, so I flicked to what was my first ever Gerard Way interview.

  I didn’t know he had witnessed 9/11 or was struggling with a drink problem, or liked Green Day, but I discovered all as I read about scary blackbirds outside hotels. I had heard perhaps four My Chem songs by that time – mostly on TV or radio – and I liked the odd lyrics, slightly disturbing imagery and black nail polish. I kept the interview for years (MCR fast became my favourite band) and pinned it to the cork board above my desk when I acquired one.

  I’m getting to the point, hang fire.

  This afternoon I was sipping Lemsip while waiting for my laptop to load up when I re-read the interview for the n-th time and it occurred to me that a lot of people probably don’t like MCR because they don’t understand most of what they’re saying. Not that fans of different bands have certain amounts of brain cells or anything, but seriously.

  No one in that band can answer a question straight out! For example:

  Question: “So everyone should be given a chance to like MCR, right?”

  Gerard: “I think people often make the mistake of discounting a younger audience, which is a form of elitism…”

  Gee’s response took up a lot of lines so I won’t type it. But it involved thirteen-year-old girls wearing Dookie T-shirts, audience and mohicans.

  Don’t know what elitism is? You probably lost the thread right there. I know it took me a while, and according to my school uniform I’m one of the shinest spanners in the metaphorical toolbox.

  So, the next time you get a lesson on how to write an essay, don’t fall asleep. You’ll need it if you fancy watching Life on the Murder Scene.

  I’m now off to plan dodgy fanfictions that will be my friends’ Christmas . The torture I put myself through for those guys…

Let’s Make it ClAsH with the Decor

  I wanted to decorate the blog, but I have to conform to the WordPress themes.

  However, if I had the choice, the background would contain some of these…

I Accrued an Understanding of the Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry

  Translation: I understood how to name hydrocarbons.

  There is a war in Afghanistan, right?

  On the 11th September 2001 al Qaeda crashed a couple of aeroplanes into the Twin Towers in New York. Apparently they were from Iraq.

  I think I prefer learning about hydrocarbons.

Drama School Homework

  The world is more messed up than I originally thought.

  This is because I recently came to the realisation that the politicians that ‘run’ this country do not, in fact, run this country. They are a soap opera. Seeing a speech made by our dear prime minister is not inspiring or life changing. It does not make me want to start a rally or convince my parents to vote Labour. It makes me laugh, cry, scream, throw things at the TV and get depressed.

  Around the same time as this epiphany I listened to Green Day’s current album 21st Century Breakdown. Shortly after this I was plugged into my MP3 and heard My Chemical Romance’s anthem I’m Not Okay (I Promise). As I often do, I was daydreaming about my aforementioned favourite bands. They make me  laugh, cry, scream, throw things at the TV and get depressed.

  They also make me want to do something with my life.

  Here it is then: Artists, musicians and writers aren’t simply entertainment. The ones who know their crafts well are the people who change the world, save the galaxy and inspire children to make something of themselves. The middle-aged, rude, dishonest men and women who sit in Parliament telling us how to live our lives are the ones making the headlines for stealing, swearing, exploiting  and losing their trousers.

   I’m glad I have come to that understanding.