I Have a Piece of Work Published! On An Site That I Don’t Run!

The overly obnoxious title wasn’t kidding (although I did want to attract as many of you social media fairies as possible). Ta-dah! Nail Varnish, written by me, illustrated by Sherri Oliver, published on The Story Shack. You’ll never make it, they said. Writing is a difficult career to catch a break in, they said. Lots […]

Shameless Promotion of My Own Work Because I Haven’t Sorted What I’m Meant to Post Yet.

It feels like a million years between posts. It probably is. Anyway, it seems the weather has been good for my creativity (or maybe I just need to let off some steam and not write about Romeo and Juliet), because I’ve written an epic of haikus – at least, a lot of haikus – done some […]

‘My Immortal’: The Worst Fan Fiction You Will Ever Read… And It’s Not Even About Real People. Much.

We’ve all read stories that are so thoroughly crap that we can’t quite believe somebody sat down and wrote them, let alone had it in them to publish them. My Immortal, a Harry Potter fan fiction, is onesuch piece. I can’t describe its awfulness, although some people can. And some people… Can do dramatic readings. Wear […]


Some of you might have noticed that your inbox/Twitter timelines have been conspicuously empty of my ranting recently, so I thought I’d better explain before you all assume I’ve been eaten by the Content Monster or something. Firstly, I’ve been really really busy. Partly with school and partly with a massively crap cold that’s made me into […]