Spring Cleaning in Autumn

It’s Sunday, which means that I’m sitting here in a relatively clean room (relative to what it was like yesterday anyway) with a now-empty cup of tea and a planner containing ideas for projects and blogs whichwillonedaygetfinishedIswear. Hopefully. Actually I’m more interested in books than blogs at the moment: House of Hades is out in a just over […]

The Ten O’Clock News: Nick Clegg Might Be Right About Something!

Clegg Urges ‘Outdated’ UN to Reform I’ve been studying the United Nations recently and in today’s Politics lesson we mentioned that the Security Council reflects international politics of 1945, not 2013. If it did, Brazil, India and Germany would be there. Japan. South Africa. Australia. According to the BBC, Nick Clegg thinks so too. How […]

Six O’Clock News: When the Pope is Less Offensive Than An Old White Man, We’re on the Right Track

Pope Francis Rejects Focus on Gays, Abortion The Pope isn’t a tosser, which I’ve suspected for a while. In the last few years I’ve become increasingly worried that I’m turning into an atheist version of a fundamentalist [insert religion of your choice here]. The longer I take Politics the less faith I have in, well, […]

The Six O’Clock News: Friday 13th By Hollie and Chloe

It’s Friday 13th, so I thought we should go for something spooky and/or spiritual and/or religious today… Teen exorcists: Women who expel demons on stage So there are some girls who are fuckin’ idiots. Hi. This is Chloe. Chloe wants to explain you a thing. These so called “exorcists” truly and actually believe that Harry Potter […]