50 Blog Challenge #2: Antipodean Crossing

I feel I should start this with a mini-disclaimer: I have known this blogger since the age of 11 when she owned a pet rock named Jamie. I think  I would enjoy her blog even if I didn’t know that.

My friend Sarah’s in her second year at Cambridge studying history. This summer she’s going to New Zealand to research and volunteer at places like the Auckland War Memorial Museum, to learn more about military history and soak up the colonial vibes (I do not know why I am surprised. She is the youngest Dad’s Army fan I know and she’s spent many a weekday evening at cadets). She’s going by herself for three whole months, travelling across NZ with a stopoff at Hobbiton, so what else was there to do but start a blog chronicling her journey?

from antipodeancrossing.wordpress.com
from antipodeancrossing.wordpress.com

You can read her plans, adventures and New Zealand news stories compilations here (see comments sections for me begging to stow away in her suitcase). Gems include cartoons of kiwis and a page dedicated to the shit she needs to get done. I am considering adding something similar here to keep track of new swearwords.

Frivolous Fridays from anitpodeancrossing.com
from anitpodeancrossing.com

Basically, if you like travel, indie blogs or cartoons on indie travel blogs, you know where you should spend your time from now on.

Questionable Late Night Ideas/Blog Challenge??

Do you know what I feel like I’m lacking? Apart from a crowded bank account and my Christmas shopping?

Reading blogs. I was thinking about the blogs I follow and although they’re quite varied and interesting, I don’t feel like I’m immersed in a community I’ve been a part of for six years.

And I know there are a million blogs out there, because every time I look at a piece of Internet-based journalism, I read that there are a million blogs. Or a billion. Or one hundred thousand. Can’t remember, I hate those articles (they always continue with success stories about people who recommend eyeliner to teenage girls). So they’re out there. Maybe a blogger is reading this right now. Maybe you’re hilarious and intelligent and insightful and maybe in five years’ time you’ll be in an article alongside the eyeliner hustlers. But I don’t fuckin’ know it because I spend my free time eating peanut butter and wondering what it would be like to go on The Graham Norton Show.

So, at 11pm on a Friday when I’ve nothing better to do, I’m setting myself a challenge. A game. I’m going to find 50 blogs, and I’m going to actually read them. More than two posts per site, more than the about page. I’ll actually comment on them, I’ll follow them if I’m in the mood to commit and I’ll share them here if I reckon they might be up other people’s streets. The 50 blog challenge. It might already exist but I wouldn’t know, because I’m oblivious to my blogger neighbours.

I might even make a spreadsheet to organise myself. Really fill the hole in my life that’s usually stemmed by peanut butter.

I guess it goes without saying that if you know any bloggers, let me know? I don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers, so introductions would be useful…