10 Years, 10 Days: Introducing the Most Dangerous Band in the World

Let’s kick off with a look at the guys in MCR, since they’re pretty vital to the whole operation. We’ll start with Mikey, because it’s his birthday today (thirty-one, for those of you who don’t have freakishly good memories for people’s birthdays and ages). Mikey Everyone knows Mikeyway as the ‘quiet’ member, but we all know […]

Music Teaches People… I Know What the American National Anthem Sounds Like.

  The steady hum of my laptop ripping Danger Days is incredibly comforting. Almost as much as listening to it in bed at six in the morning is…   I have a cold, okay, and it’s my alarm.   There’s no point in reviewing the album, because a) most people reading this already have and […]

This Is Probably the Only Blog Post You’ll Ever Read Linking My Chemical Romance and the 1947 Polish Elections

  It’s become something of tradition, I think, to blog around this week every year. Not because I lost someone on 9/11. I was only five years and three hundred and sixty-four days old when it happened, after all… Most people my age probably can’t even remember it. I know a girl at my school who […]

This is a Conversation You Won’t Want to Read Unless You Have Visited MCR.com Lately. read from bottom up.

To: Frank From: Lizzi Good.   I’m getting more and more pissed by the second. I’m seriously disappointed in those guys.   I expected them to value our intelligence more.   Well, I’ll just carry on imagining you breaking their sexy italian jaws.   Mnn….sexy italian jaws…   And ripping off their trousers…   And breaking their […]