GIF Watch Part II

I was moaning last post about not being able to cope with Monday so I think it’s important for me to say happy Friday!

Does anyone have anything excited planned for the weekend? I’m going to try to find an extension lead to plug in my printer so I can show you guys the next batch of election leaflets I got through the door – turns out the Lib Dems are running here after all…

Oh the choice.

Then I’m going to go on a crusade to work out how to open the majority of my saved photos and GIFs on my PC. Apparently Windows 8 isn’t collaborated with some file type that the rest of the universe uses… I have loads just waiting to be uploaded but my computer won’t let me, so it’s increasingly difficult to indulge in arguably my favourite part of blogging – browsing my folder for the stupidest picture available. Which reminds me – as well as learning how to open the damn things I need to replenish my supplies…

To the Internet.

A Simultaneous Piece of Art and Indifferent Ignorance

I’m still trying to get over the awfulness of Sunday’s blog title. I was very sleepy that day and struggled to think of anything smart, but still… I feel like the rockstar in that Private Eye sketch, and it’s icky.

Anyway, back to good vibes.

I noticed today that Indifferent Ignorance has had 1200 comments. About half of those are mine, because I try to respond to everyone, but that’s quite cool, especially because as of Sunday I had written 400 posts (wish I’d known that at the time).

I’ve also got about 100 drafts.

Cool huh.

Right, onto a simultaneous piece of art and indifferent ignorance! I’ve been thinking that I should share more art on here, and as it happens this piece is perfect. Basically I saw The Imitation Game on Sunday and it is brilliant and blew my mind both in terms of this dude pretty much invented the computer and civil rights were fucking bullshit back in the day.

'The Imitation Game' by Francesca

Just a thought.

PS At least i improved my watermarks.