The Word is So Screwed Up it Isn’t Even Funny

  Woah. There was me having a bit of a bad day, and I go on Twitter and think, “Why is Frank Iero thanking people for their congratulations? They couldn’t have found a new drummer this quickly. We don’t want a new drummer.” Then I scrolled down and saw that there was a new blog on the MCR site.

  I am so happy right now! This is me sharing feelings, by the way, enjoy it why it lasts. Frank and his wife (I think her name is Jamia) deserve everything they’re getting this year. One kid is a huge deal, but twins? Bloody hell. They are going to shred. It’s like, the next generation of artists and rockstars are getting born these past couple of years, all to artists and rockstars who are awesome enough to deserve it.

  I have nothing to add to this, just congratulations Frankie and Jamia. It is an honour to share your name, Frank. Keep up the new shit god-damn it. If I ever have a band that’s half as epic as MCR, I will have made some brilliant music.