Join the MCRmy. We Don’t Always Win Stuff, But the Admin Team is Pretty Nice.

Do you all remember when I told you all to vote for MCR at this year’s European Music Awards? Well, you clearly all ignored me, since 30 Seconds To Mars won both categories, but no matter. The point is, I entered a mini-competition on the MCRmy boards to design a banner that would go on various websites, encouraging people to vote. I played around on Photoshop one evening and made this:

It didn’t get picked (can’t think why) but I did get sent a present by one of the admin team, Tina, for participating.

Makes it kind of worthwhile, don’t you think? Although it’s clearly been sitting in a warehouse for five years, judging by the tear at the bottom and the fact the poster’s excited about Black Parade being available now.

While on the subject of My Chem, I have some self promoting to do: remember 10 Days? (Anyone frowning and scratching their head right now should be ashamed.) You were all quite excited for the first four or five posts and the final one, but I have no comments whatsoever for at least three days. Which is a bit shit, because I put a lot of effort into the whole thing. So I’d appreciate it if you could go and hover your cursor over Self-Publishing on the Interwebz at the top of the page, click the ‘My Chemical Romance’ thing that appears magically, and get reviewing. Because I can’t do these sorts of projects if I don’t know what the majority of you think of them.

Happy Wednesday!

Start the Week As You Intend to Continue: By Doing My Bidding!

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s a little known fact that Sunday is the first day of the week. I learnt this in RS; Saturday is Jewish Sabbath and the final day of the week, and the early Christians moved their day of worship to Sunday because Jesus was resurrected on a Sunday, and Jews didn’t like them preaching in their synagogues so kicked them out on Saturdays. But somewhere along the line we got the ‘weekend’ and all that was lost except to people who frequent synagogues or churches.

Anyway, my point is that, since today is the beginning of a new week, we should start it well by doing something good. Which, in my case (and yours, if you’d be so kind) is by voting for MCR in this year’s European Music Awards. They’re being held in Belfast in November, and in the mean time we’re all being encouraged to vote for our favourite artist.


Yeah, because My Chem can actually do laundry. We’ve seen Life on the Murder Scene. We know it’s all about the Febreze.

The whole thing’s got the MCRmy quite excited, I must say. There was a competition to design banners to encourage people to vote, a question devoted to it on this week’s #MCRChat and the Hilarious MCR Internet Memes thread got a bit hyper.

My contribution to the competition (I love Photoshop, hours of time-wasting and you don’t even need to use the Internet):

“While helping the downtrodden Mikey do his laundry in silence, I suddenly realized that I had fallen in love with him the same way my raven black locks fall gently over my my perfect ivory skin… The laundry symbolized our love and I hoped he would realize that too…”

Outerspacepink came up with that after someone pointed out that everyone’s going to spawn fan fiction out of, er, doing laundry. It could work.

It won’t work.