Audioblog: Ireland & Eurovision

Hey, I learnt to talk again!

Here is the Harvey Milk post I mention.

Let’s Talk About the Weather (and Eurovision and some guy I read about on the news)

Before I forget, because I might, there’s a giveaway running on my shop at the moment. Everyone who buys my Eurovision game is automatically entered to a draw to win one of my mirrors (your choice which one, of course). Yay!

Right, important stuff: is it really windy where you are at the moment? Because a lot of supplies that are being used to fix my house’s roof have fallen down outside the front door so I may well be trapped inside by timber, which wouldn’t be annoying if Donnie didn’t freak out every single time a leaf rustles.

But he does.

So I hope we can both leave someday.

Speaking of business ventures – sort of – this bloke has made me feel highly inadequate. I have very little understanding of what his company actually does, but the fact he just sold it for £40 million, having started it aged 16, tells me all I need to know…

… and that’s that I should have misbehaved at school a lot more.

Out With the Old and In With the… Old, Mostly

I’m having one of those days where I can’t tell if I’ve got a cold or if I’m just very tired, but the election coverage is making it way too easy for me to veg out in front of the TV so I’m writing this as a bridge into paid work. (Now I think about it, that’s Indifferent Ignorance in a nutshell).

I won’t talk politics here today because everything is happening rather quicker than expected – Farage resigned in the time it took me to walk the dogs – someone should have told him it was that easy months ago – and Miliband went while I was taking a break from the coverage… on Netflix.

Wish they could all bugger off, eh. At least the bloody campaigning’s over… until the referendum on the EU or whatever’s next.

What’s next for 24-hour news coverage? There’s got to be something internationally significant between now and the US election.

Wait a minute.

Conchita from somewhere on Tumblr
Conchita from somewhere on Tumblr

Oh god there’s another election before the end of May. And this one enjoys strong links to Vladimir Putin. And there’s gonna be a green room for the winner instead of a podium in a Central London street.

I bet more people vote in that than did yesterday.

I Used to Say There’s Nothing in this World to Make Me Suicidal. I Was Wrong.

I know for a fact that no one’s going to read this until at least Monday, because the whole of Europe is completely fixated on Eurovision.

Which, I’m sorry, is a modern-day League of Nations.

Okay, so there have been a few good Eurovision acts. I love me a bit of Abba… I also saw that Bucks Fizz song on TV the other day, that’s pretty funny. I spent the whole video trying to guess the year… I thought 1976 until they took the skirts off, then I went for 1982… it was 1981 in the end.

Anyway, I think Lady Gaga should be an honerary European for the weekend with that Judas song (which has Judas wearing Jesus’ crucifixion gear in the video, I believe? What’s up with that? Judas committed suicide after he sold Jesus out. No spiky crown).

Another complaint: why are all these male acts talking about wanting girls? I’m sorry, but if Jedward aren’t at least half gay, there’s some issues with the universe.

I didn’t even know Estonia’s in Europe.

So, if anyone can explain to me what the point of Eurovision is, I’d appreciate it. I’m currently going through my grandparents’ families trying to find someone who isn’t from Europe originally. It’s not worked, I might vote Malta and be done with it.

Ooh, Greece is on. I bloody hope my mum’s watching this. She and Michelle could get the locals to sing along. Or not. There’s rapping.

Oh yeah, Russia always do well, Mr. Norton, because the Eastern Bloc is very much alive in this competition.