Rise With the Lark, Sleep With the Smugness of Someone Who Gets Their Shit Done

You know those days where you wake up at twenty past five and realise pretty quickly that there’s zero chance of regaining peaceful sleep so you just get up and are therefore at your desk by 7am?

Me too!

Christ. My body thinks it’s ten at night. On the plus side, I’ve got loads done, like flipping out that we’re virtually halfway through the year when I can guarantee it was February last week.

Speaking of fleeting memories: the Kremlin must be on a time delay if they think banning Nick Clegg from entering Russia has any political klout. That being said, there is an awful lot of false hope in the news at the moment. I understand very little about football, but my spidey senses are indicating that Sepp Blatter’s about to make a spectacular proverbial own goal.

from ohmyyy.gt
from ohmyyy.gt

… And when he does, the jokes might even make it all worthwhile.

Right, it’s now my bedtime.

Such a Beautiful Game…

I’ve been working on Ghost Stories II and on copywriting a lot lately so my indifferent ignorance radar has been turned to low. Or maybe the thought of analysing Mohammed Emwazi is too depressing to make a reality. Actually, the rest of the news is pretty grim as well, and I feel like it’s way too soon to make jokes about the sex abuse in Oxford or baby deaths in Cumbria.

It may never be a good time for joking about those things.

In fact, the most laughable piece of mainstream news at the moment is the Qatar football fiasco. When the bid was announced, I a) didn’t care and b) thought that they had already decided to host the competition in December. Apparently it’s taken until now for Fifa to make anything official, and people are grumbling about the fact it will upset league competitions.

Shouldn’t Fifa have thought about that before they accepted bribes from the Qataris? I mean, if I was going to take money for something, and if I knew other people were going to know it, I’d take pains to make sure I got a deal so sweet no one cared about the corruption. Or maybe the Fifa people decided they got paid enough not to give a shit about anything else.

Sometimes I am very glad that I’m not invested in team sports. What do you think the odds are that, by the time 2022 rolls around, Fifa will think the same thing?