Call This a Disclaimer for the Next Month of Possible Silence.

This could be my last post in a while (a while being anything from five days to four weeks), because I have mocks in a fortnight and I quite need to pass them, since if I’m ill during actual GCSEs, my grades are predicted/made up using my mock grades. However, I will try to line up some stuff to post while I’m getting angry at trigonometry and the Stresemann era.

So, to keep you all occupied while I’m away:

Enjoy The Graham Norton Show

Watch The Men Who Stare At Goats and laugh at all the Jedi references

Stare at the wonderful piece of merchandise I’m going to buy myself after mocks (from a UK store because it sold out. A nice Killjoy on the boards found me a website that stocks it):

Have a good week and don’t forget to watch Children In Need on Friday and give them all your hard-earned money!