I Need… AA?!

  Do you ever get that feeling where you’re right on the edge of something brilliant, but you’re too lazy to think of it?

  Part of me reckons I’ve got a touch of artistitis after a slight cold which I’ve given most people in the immediate vicinity, but there’s no diagnosis for the dreaded AA. So I need Mindless songs and someone to bounce ideas off. Good thing that next week I’m in Scarborough with school, learning about erosion, discordant coastlines and Flamborough, amongst Yorkshirians. Yorkists.


  Actually, I’ve been listening to Green Day on YouTube while brainstorming blog ideas and banging out my BRAND NEW AWESOME Morningwood CD, Diamonds & Studs, and it’s given me a kick up the backside to play guitar again. Or at least invest in stickers.

  I think I’ll go and read bad, bad fan fiction on DeviantART now, but I’m learning about the automatic-update thing on here so there may be an amusing post up sometime next week, to amuse you all while I’m away wrestling Ruby off a cliff ledge.

  Wish me luck… I get the feeling she’s stronger than she looks.

Drama School Homework

  The world is more messed up than I originally thought.

  This is because I recently came to the realisation that the politicians that ‘run’ this country do not, in fact, run this country. They are a soap opera. Seeing a speech made by our dear prime minister is not inspiring or life changing. It does not make me want to start a rally or convince my parents to vote Labour. It makes me laugh, cry, scream, throw things at the TV and get depressed.

  Around the same time as this epiphany I listened to Green Day’s current album 21st Century Breakdown. Shortly after this I was plugged into my MP3 and heard My Chemical Romance’s anthem I’m Not Okay (I Promise). As I often do, I was daydreaming about my aforementioned favourite bands. They make me  laugh, cry, scream, throw things at the TV and get depressed.

  They also make me want to do something with my life.

  Here it is then: Artists, musicians and writers aren’t simply entertainment. The ones who know their crafts well are the people who change the world, save the galaxy and inspire children to make something of themselves. The middle-aged, rude, dishonest men and women who sit in Parliament telling us how to live our lives are the ones making the headlines for stealing, swearing, exploiting  and losing their trousers.

   I’m glad I have come to that understanding.