Shameless Promotion of My Own Work Because I Haven’t Sorted What I’m Meant to Post Yet.

It feels like a million years between posts. It probably is. Anyway, it seems the weather has been good for my creativity (or maybe I just need to let off some steam and not write about Romeo and Juliet), because I’ve written an epic of haikus – at least, a lot of haikus – done some Vampires Will Never Hurt You fan art and played around with the Transmissions pages, all in the space of a week.

Five days, in fact.

The haiku epic, otherwise known as Tiger Balm, is published here, Transmissions are here and this is what happens when you get Gerard’s pre-song ramblings stuck in your head:

Reviews/feedback are appreciated. As in, they are more valuable to me than actual money. Hint, hint.

Update: I’ve also been playing around with the ultra-fancypants Indifferent Ignorance Facebook page: Like and share, if you’re of the Facey persuasion!