Lack of Black

  Welcome to

  It’s my new favourite website, coming in above even and Twitter. Definitely higher than

  Which doesn’t actually exist.

  Major thank-yous to the girls, Ellen and Isobel, for putting up with my conversation starters of “So what do you think I should do to Indifferent Ignorance?” and then disagreeing with them, and Pugsley for, well, being Pugsley. Also to everyone at Neraida for putting up with the girl in the corner huddling over her laptop, even in the midst of a flood. I don’t know whose idea it was to set up wireless Internet in the restaurant, but I owe you a tip. A large one.

  Ruby, Advent is on its way.

  Comments on the new look please?

  Happy Halloween and twenty-ninth birthday, Frank (Iero. I’m not that old yet).

Eleven Days…

  Growing up with Lauren always wishing she’s a year older, I’ve never been too fussed about time passing – until recently.

  Hurry up, Halloween! I want to get rid of the bad background and dodgy header, change everything on Twitter, unveil my rather-brilliant-if-I-may-say-so-myself plans for Indifferent Ignorance. I’m not going to give anything away until the 31st though. Not even if you promise me a signed copy of Danger Days hot off the press. Okay, maybe then. All I’m saying is, “Not black.” At all.

  Well, a little bit. It’s a staple colour, or something…

  Sort of makes it hard to think of things to write about, actually. I want everything new to be once everything’s all pretty. I could complain about something, I suppose. I am pretty good at it.

  Forty minute lessons, then, for the half day. What?! As soon as I’d worked out where I was supposed to be going, and got there, we had half an hour to cram stuff about… I don’t even know. The day’s a blur. Although that, I’m told, is thanks to a migraine which I’ve had since Thursday.

  I always thought a migraine was a fictional illness that came out of the wardrobe when it was hockey in PE.

I Hearby Name You, Frederina


  The print’s a bit small to be seen from a stage, but I’m not likely to be on one any time soon, having a slight lack of band at the moment – so I think Frederina will be totally fine for now.

  Changeover date, quite honestly, for most things about this blog is definitely Halloween, but I have no idea of the time… I’m coming back from Greece that day. But as far as I know the subscribed people will stay subscribed so will get an email.

  In the mean time, if you arrive on here and the colours, themes and header have changed beyond recognition – don’t cry. It’s all part of the experimenting.

  Bit like experimenting with your sexuality, but you have to leave the house for that.

  Happy weekend, and please please please comment with ideas for II (as Isobel has affectionately named this site) and what I could write on here. I have plans, but you’re the ones I force to read this.