Spring Cleaning in Autumn

It’s Sunday, which means that I’m sitting here in a relatively clean room (relative to what it was like yesterday anyway) with a now-empty cup of tea and a planner containing ideas for projects and blogs whichwillonedaygetfinishedIswear.


Actually I’m more interested in books than blogs at the moment: House of Hades is out in a just over a week! Those of you who read The Mark of Athena know how big a deal the new book is after That Cliff-Hanger, and I’m going to pre-order it right after I’ve done my ironing and watched Strictly.

Reading that back, I sound like both a pre-teen and middle-aged lady in one sentence. I’m not quite either, but whatever… That said, I am going to watch a musical about Jesus in a couple of weeks – does that add to my mental age or just challenge my status as a not-stereotypically gay man?

Okay, I have no idea what I’m talking about now. Just promise me that you won’t tell me what happens! In House of Hades, not Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s okay, I know how that ends, and the best way to describe my emotions about that is this: 😦

As I’m sure we all feel.

Anyway, I’ve been working out blogs to do in the near-ish future and I was thinking of uploading the pictures from the Morocco Diary? Or some stupid pictures from last year that never quite made it into AS Standards? Or something new entirely?

Let me know, people, since you’re the ones who have to read the verbal vomit I come up with!

Tim Minchin Appreciation Post

A Tim Minchin-centric post is long overdue. Let’s go! Note: headphones are advisable, and I got carried away with finding songs. It’ll probably be half a century before I blog again, so this can accompany your homework until then.


This was my first Tim song. It should be everyone’s.


5 Poofs and 2 Pianos

Remember when Jonathon Ross had his programme on the BBC and they had Four Poofs and a Piano? Well, Tim was a guest on that very same show.


Tony the Fish

This is stand-up, not a song, but it’s incredibly helpful to my current RS work, which is the design argument.


If I Didn’t Have You Uncut

Stand-up, a song, some stand-up.


Not Perfect

A serious one, holy bats.


Rock and Roll Nerd

This isn’t serious unless you’ve done bugger all when you had plans.


I should stop and do something more useful. But… I can’t.

You Grew on Me

Another un-funny one. It’s brilliant, actually.


Three-Minute Song

There are variations of this song depending on the programme, but the ITV one is the best because it was performed in front of royalty.



I normally loathe poetry, as Hollie can attest (what is this iambic pentameter?) but I make an exception for nine-minute beat poetry, especially when it’s been turned into an animated film.


Discover the pope songs at your peril, and if you’re going to see Tim as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, please get me a bootleg. Or tickets.