In Which I Compare MCR to Amy Winehouse and Decide I Like My Chem Better (Happy International My Chemical Romance Day!)

Today I did a grading in karate that involved forty-five minutes of sitting still on wooden floor and five minutes of trying to get my legs to do what I wanted them to (I failed on that front) so I was going to save all my IMCRD stuff for September – when I’m planning a huge Interwebz My Chem party – and just go on Twitter. Then I heard that Amy Winehouse died. ‘Cause of death is yet to be explained’, etc… But everyone knows it’s more than likely that she overdosed on some form of drugs or alcohol.

It reminded me instantly of this week’s Kerrang! interview with Gerard and Mikey. They discuss growing up together, the Smashing Pumpkins and how they used to be called ‘the chemical brothers’… Mikey said using drugs was “Like installing a shut-off switch in the back of my neck,” and later added “People I knew started to drop dead from mixing things and that’s a wake-up call – if you go to the barber shop enough times, eventually you’re gonna get your haircut.” It sounds like Amy finally got her turn in the seat… She was twenty-seven.


To be honest, I never really approved of Amy. I wondered why the hell she was encouraging her listeners to say “Fuck rehab.” I did, however, totally envy her voice and love the fact her first album was called ‘Frank’. As I curled up on the sofa earlier and watched Isobel and Maxim play Monopoly, feeling vaguely guilty for not doing a My Chem Day post, it occurred to me why there’s a My Chem day.

No one in the band is perfect. Neither do they encourage anyone else to be perfect. But, to quote one of my sensei’s favourite sayings, “Lead by example, don’t be the example.” Which is exactly what My Chem do. Gerard and Mikey have both had drug problems, but they’ve both gotten through it (with each other’s support a big factor, by the sounds of it). Now in their thirties, they’re doing stuff that couldn’t have been remotely possible if they’d stayed in the queue for those haircuts. And that’s the big difference between My Chemical Romance and singers like Amy Winehouse, rest in peace.

Regardless of what she actually died of, maybe Amy’s death will slap some of her hardcore fans in the face. She had immense talent and only managed to record two albums… What could she have been capable of making? To quote Jimmy Urine (shut up I’m tired), “You didn’t give a shit bout her when she was a living drug addict now you miss her cuz she’s a dead drug addict.” Mikey and Gerard were living drug addicts and now they’re living recovered drug addicts. Legendary live shows, the mantra ‘MCR saved my life’ and an internationally recognised celebratory day established by fans speaks for itself.

So when you think about it, this post was completely pointless. Happy first-day-of-the-summer-holidays, everyone.

2010 Things I Did in 2010 (okay maybe not)

  According to my calendar, there’s four days of 2010 left. Since it’s highly doubtful anything life-changing will take place before midnight on the 31st, I thought I’d jump on the ‘my year’ bandwagon before everyone jumps off.

  Or it’s 2011. Whichever comes first. Here it is:

  • January After three months of procrastinating, I start work on my Duke of Edinburgh award. School hands us an Ethnicity Form, which doesn’t say ‘white British’ but does say ‘white Cornish’. Ruby still has not handed her in  out of protest. I start listening to Morningwood and it snows.


  • February Gerard Way contracts throat cancer, I reboot my laptop by myself and realise that there’s GCSE modules coming up. I duly crap myself.  Okay, Gerard didn’t actually get throat cancer. He got a cough. 
  •  March Bob leaves My Chem, I get upset and punch a tree. Everyone hands in their options forms. I accidentally eat some of Tobi’s regurgitated leek pasta and almost puke in the school pond. A bunch of us at karate pass grading and Ellen, Isobel Jemma and I get shiny new red belts. It’s still snowing.
  •  April I start reading Watchmen, go to Belgium with my friends and somehow end up with M&Ms down my top. By the way, they stain skin.


  • May Duke of Edinburgh expedition. I finish Ella’s Blog: Summer Vacation with the Flock after more than a year. Coalition government promises to make Britain the country everyone voted for. Even though no one voted. Isobel and I walk the Race for Life in our socks while everyone else runs in, er, actual outdoor footwear.

  • June I finish reading Watchmen,  camp in the garden with my cousins (until Maxim’s incessant 11:00pm talking pisses me off and I go inside to bed) and hit the beach with the girls. I also manage to single-handedly lose a beach ball five minutes after we bought it, on roughly the same stretch of beach, but with some entirely different girls.


  • July The first ever Indifferent Ignorance production hits YouTube, I head to Greece on International MCR Day and resolve to never use a Greek computer again as long as I live. This resolution is broken in October.
  • August I attend my first ever funeral (RIP Pa) and start knitting a scarf. I move my bed to vacuum under it. The bed breaks.
  • September Geography field trip to Scarborough, Art is the Weapon gets released and this blog reaches 2000 hits. This means I have to redecorate. I finish Duke of Edinburgh award.



  • October MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SHOW!!! Probably my favourite day of the year. Shortly after it finishes I go to the airport for Greece wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘Mindless Self Indulgence’ on the front and ‘I ♥ Steve, Righ?’ on the back.

  Oh, the irony.

  • November MCR release Danger Days (are they rushing it?) and there’s another grading in karate. I learn to never doubt Sensei’s judgment again when I get an A – after asking if I had to grade because I wasn’t good enough. It snows.
  • December Blog gets 3000 hits (I AM NOT CHANGING THE THEME AGAIN) and I wrap my family’s Christmas presents in The Daily Telegraph.  I see Pendulum live, get a medal in karate for – quote – “Plodding on,” and finish my scarf. The final of The Apprentice airs and Maxim becomes a vegetarian, possibly for a bet.

  Happy new year.