Article Appreciation Post #1

I read a lot (surprise!) and in the last few weekes I’ve come across a handful of articles that I’ve really wanted to Tweet about. As there is now quite a collection, it’s time for a new type of ‘appreciation blog’, methinks…

‘The I’

Well, it made me laugh…


Of course, worried lady, your daughter having a stable relationship with a woman instead of a man means she will miss out on life-long love and children. Of course it’s also a characteristic that can be changed with counselling. Too bad ignorance isn’t.

The rest of the article is here. I’m not sure what the author’s getting at entirely (I think he’s pro-reading and possibly pro-God), but it amused me.


I would like to let it be known that Taking Hayley were rather a decent band, especially after The Dead Betas, whose music was good but lacked the ability to make the crowd move from its neatly formed rows. I would also like to let it be known that Jimmy is – unfortunately – as funny as he thinks he is, and that Lyn-Z was laughing along, when I could see her at least. I have a drawing of Steve, in those cat ears that’s more telling of how excellent the show was than that article.


Trust me, the front row was ugly. I was in the second.

Picture Appreciation Post #1 (I think)

I’ve seen quite a few great pictures around lately, and I miss writing stupid posts, so here we go:

I found this when I was stalking glancing through Cassie’s Tumblr. It’s excellent.

  Oh look, Mindless in a magazine.

Oh look, Mindless show tickets.

From my area’s monthly magazine:

The article exists. I haven’t read it.

I had another My Chem one, but Frank’s Lockerz photo isn’t showing up to add, so the counterpart I saw on Twitter is pointless. If anyone has a copy of Boozy Ridez, let me know.

Finally, I got this at IKEA this week. Considered naming him/her/it Raymond, after Toro, but my nan suggested Barbra, which also works.

Happy Monday!

10 Years, 10 Days: “You gotta promise me, you gotta fuckin’ dance.”

Everyone’s noticed that My Chem quite enjoy playing live shows, and that people quite enjoy going to them. Having seen them twice, on their first show back in London last October and at Wembley Area in February – read the reviews/blogs here and here – I can tell you that there’s a reason for the excitement.

In short, they are brilliant. I realise I’m biased, and haven’t been to that many rock shows – but it’s not hard to understand the fuss.

Before that song had ended, we knew the words. We hadn’t stopped dancing. And every time I hear it, I smile.

When people tell me they aren’t really familiar with My Chem, I want to send them a playlist of live songs. I always think, “Choose what you want to listen to that’s been recorded in a studio, but to get the essence of the band, you need to hear this.” Then I think of Mama,  Prison and DESTROYA. They’re all completely different songs, but they’re all really good examples of the way MCR work live. Heard those songs and still need convincing? Look no further than this handy Why You Should See My Chemical Romance Live list:

Gerard’s sass. Everyone’s fifth favourite member of the band (or is that Mikey’s knees? I forget). If you know someone who’s in danger of becoming a homophobe, take them to a show. Whether they liked guys before seeing it or not, they will after. Reason being, Gerard. He can make the crowd do what he wants them to, when he wants them to, before they realise they might not want to do it. Good thing he’s a nice bloke. To the few people who bitch about his vocals live: you do what he does, then complain.

Frank’s insane. He was voted fifth greatest rockstar in the world by Kerrang! this year, because he’s “My Chemical Romance’s heart. He’s the guts.” Each member quite obviously gives his all, but I know where the writers were coming from for once: it doesn’t matter how big the show is, Frank will be on fire. He’s fallen into the drums, tackled Gerard and given him serious injuries and pushed Mikey over. And yet…

Ray Toro is totally epic, yeah. In the seats I’ve been in at shows, I’ve never had that great a view of Ray – mostly it’s just a flash of fro here and there. But when I have been able to see him, he’s been playing. All the time. In every review I’ve read, everyone’s said the same thing. It doesn’t matter what stupid thing Gerard and Frank are doing, or who’s climbing up onstage, or whether he’s got two working feet or not; Ray plays guitar like his life depends on it. Maybe it does, I don’t know… He does have ‘SL’ tattooed on his arm, for ‘stage left’, his position… Perhaps he made a deal with the devil: “I will put up with being the dude the fangirls ignore if you let me play all the time.” Sounds like a pretty sweet agreement to me.

Mikey’s a cool, awesome (in the old meaning of the word) presence. He doesn’t always get the mic, but when he does, he discusses Darth Vader. Sometimes he falls over, and sometimes it’s during a performance of Cemetery Drive. He played with glasses on every night for years, when there’s a reason most people opt not to. Most importantly: his bass looks like Edward Cullen got a makeover.

If you’re still unsure about how fun My Chem are to watch live, how much blood and sweat goes into playing, book tickets to see them next time they’re in town. The worst that can happen is that you’ll come out with ringing ears and a question mark over your sexuality…

It’s a Good Thing I Never Expected Anything Better.

  I was going to write about the Teletubbies’ brain stems. Then I went to Sainsbury’s with the idea of buying the edition of NME in which Ray Toro got insulted (lovehandles?! Seriously?!) and bought Kerrang! as well. NME only had a review of Danger Days with all the usual crap about My Chem getting colourful with the hair dye.

  Read. The. Words: