My Fate Is In Your Hands… Don’t Drop It.

  I have caught the sun on my shoulders, arms, chest and back.

  Yes, ‘catching the sun’ does mean sunburn. I’m pretty dark so I always forget, when the sun comes out, that I need sun cream. Now it’s painful to wear a rucksack.

  The reason I got so, ahem, tanned, was that I partook (is that even a word?! WP says yes it is) in the Race for Life yesterday. I have no pictures as they were all on other people’s cameras (hint, hint), and I didn’t think you’d fancy seeing my blackened-by-Primark-socks, sweaty feet. Isobel and I did it with our trainers in our hands, by the way. We looked awesome, her in Lauren’s shirt, me in pink tartan shorts, which, I assure you, Lyn-Z Way would buy if she ever decided to kick in the skirts. Happy birthday, by the way, Lyn-Z. I hope Bandit and Gerard got you something that wasn’t fished out of Gerard’s touring suitcase.

  Anyway, the real reason I’m typing this out when I could be watching Doctor Who is that I am stuck for something to write. It may seem that I never run out of things to say on here, thanks to my dulcet tones, but since I finished Ella’s Blog nothing remotely creative has hit me in the face. I’m sorry, Ellen, but that story about our mothers and an ash cloud just won’t work; I can’t do funny on demand. I just do it when I’m not supposed to… So, dear readers (I’m pretty sure there’s more than one of you) I challenge you to challenge me. Comment with your ideas, or a phrase or song lyric, and I promise a story – or at least a one-shot or poem- will come out of it. It might take a while, but I will.

  However, there are rules:

  • Nothing that involves real people, unless they say I’m allowed to. MCR-related stuff freaked me out, if I’m honest. Although I will kill Lady Gaga and/or Wayne Rooney. Politicians are also subject to change.
  • No gay sex. I tried my hand at that with MCR and quite frankly my hand did not like it.
  • Cert 15. For the time being, at least.
  • It must be in English. I did a German exam today, and my writing attempt was pitiful.

  Get going. You will have a cameo (if you want) or a dedication. I might kiss you.

PS Please donate to Race for Life. The widget is on the sidebar. Thank you.

It’s a Small World After All….*visits Disneyland and the ride*

  Because today I discovered a really cool new song, purely down to Essex FM (as it was three years ago)…

  The Web of Infamous Non-Celebrities

  Late 2006: Essex Fm plays Welcome to the Black Parade and interviews Gerard Way. I discover My Chemical Romance over the course of the next year.

  2007: I visit Wikipedia to see if My Chem are interesting. They are, which I secretly already knew. They have also toured with Mindless Self Indulgence. MSI get a lot of crap due to fangirls visiting shows to see Mr. G. Way, whom their bassist (Lyn-Z) is married to.

  2008-2009: I read about MSI in Kerrang! magazine and they keep cropping up on YouTube comment boards when I listen to The Black Parade. I finally get tired of not being in the know and listen to them on YouTube.

  Later in 2009: They annoy and scare me.

  Even later in 2009: I listen to them again.

  Yeah, still 2009: I follow My Chem’s members and MSI on Twitter. I am scared by Jimmy Urine(the singer dude in Mindless Self Indulgence) once again, but realise he talks sense. I notice he frequently tweets @chantalclaret. I investigate (Look Mindless up on Wiki) and discover that Chantal Claret is Jimmy’s wife and sings in a New York band called Morningwood.

  TODAY: I am on the look out for new music so YouTube and Google search Morningwood. I listen to Best of Me and discover I am not scared by this new band.

  LATER TODAY: I realise I have heard of the show that Best of Me was the theme song of. It’s a spin-off of a reality TV show Ray Toro blogged about on the MCR website last April.

  Told ya.