The End of the MCRmy Census! (let’s pretend I didn’t forget a title when I posted just now)


I thought I’d better write an official-esque post marking the end of the MCRmy Census, but didn’t get around to it yesterday because I was, er, prom dress-shopping (regular readers: take the piss at will. Parts of that shop looked like a unicorn had puked rainbows onto chiffon). Anyway, it’s over. “Done, finished, kaput, in the proverbial can…” and will be played as loud as possible from somebody’s car when I sort out the results in to some sort of readable format.

Unfortunately, I leave school in less than a fortnight and spend six weeks doing exams, so there won’t be anything huge until at least July. I am going to attempt to continue logging results, but the last three days of April were like the final hours of a Primark sale; absolutely batshit crazy – the amount of entries doubled! If I haven’t confirmed I’ve logged your entry, I will, I promise, just not for a little while.

In the mean time, sit tight, get comfy and watch this year’s Apprentice. With the sound turned down, because most of the candidates are embarrassments to the human race. Or, alternatively, revel in the knowledge that I love and appreciate every single person who Tweeted, Facebooked, entered or discussed the Census, whether it be to write it off entirely or to tell me you liked it.

Xøxo ❤ #hashtag etc,


**Update** In the mean time, vote for My Chem in this year’s Kerrang! Awards. They’re up for Best Live Band and Best International Band, and, although my nomination for Frank as Tweeter of the year didn’t get through, The Big Bang Theory‘s up for Best TV Show. Vote at will, etc. (You have to register every time you vote, so I encourage you to make a handy-dandy Word document with all your details, to avoid messing about.)

MCRmy Census & New Site Update (please read and tell me your ideas!)

Good afternoon, snowflakes. There’s some good news and some irritating news:

First off, I’ve now logged over a hundred census entries into the database, and currently have about forty more to do – although every time I blog there’s an influx of entries, and it’s open unil the end of April, so if I haven’t emailed you with confirmation yet, please be patient. I will get through it all!

Next, I’ve successfully made an email account for the new site: (it was you guys’ favourite name)! However, things have been tricky from that point onwards because ‘The Webways’ is actually already in existence as a website. is an internet-design site, which is a far less cool meaning than the one MCR sang about, but whatever. Because it already exists, there’s no way to make a .com or URL. There is, however, the option to purchase, for $17, ‘’ or ‘’. My first thought was to make it ‘livingonthewebways’ instead, but that’s been taken, as has ‘MCRchives’.  So, we have a few solutions available:

  • Use another name altogether
  •  Use an alternate name such as ‘thewebwaysMCRmy’ (which is what I used for the Twitter) and if the site takes off, get the .net or .org domain using donations from contributors and readers, or
  • I’ll buy .net or .org straight up, using money from my ‘crazy projects’ fund, and save us the hassle of swapping things around later.

It’s your call, guys. Seventeen US dollars, according to Google, is around ten pounds sterling, or around fifteen Australian dollars. Not a fortune compared with what some sites will have you pay – and the domain is bought for a year – but not fifty pence either. Do you think this is a good enough project to spend money on straight away or do we wait and see? If you contributed or used the site – which is going to be pretty damn awesome, by the way, if my flatplans are anything to go by – how would you feel about donating to buy the domain in future?

Incidentally, I will only feature projects and sites which are submitted to me; or ones I have your express permission to feature. So if you’ve got a project or site and you’d like to see it featured, start letting me know either by email or Twitter, or in a comment.

MCRmy Census/Register 2012

It’s MCR project time again. And this time, we need each and every one of you to take part.

Over the last year or so I’ve become increasingly interested in the inner-workings of My Chemical Romance’s fan base. I’ve been listening since I was 11 when Parade came out, and I’ve come across people who have been fans since they were far younger than I was. There are also a lot of people who are in their 20s and 30s – so why is there still a stereotype that all MCR fans are 14-year-old girls who grow out of eyeliner and skinny jeans? I’ve also become increasingly aware that fans of the band who are pretty vocal on Twitter or Tumblr don’t necessarily hang out on other websites, and vice versa, so people don’t always know how many fellow fans there are in their country. What I’ve found myself wanting to do is make a register of sorts, something that finally gives the wider world a clear idea of how diverse this fanbase is. Putting the idea to the Rmy on #MCRchat, I learnt that people agreed with me. How many of us are there? Where did we first hear the band? What’s the actual percentage of male fans?! My idea is that this will be open for a duration of maybe six months, depending on you guys’ response, then the results will be published anonymously on some form of website, as a census. The ‘register’ part of the questionnaire, with participants’ name and/or Killjoy name, country and optional web address and/or display picture, would be listed separately on the same site and always open to updating. There would be a search application and filters so people can find fellow members in their area, discover if anyone’s got a similar Killjoy name or track down kids they met at shows. Your details would, of course, only be used with express permission, the option of which is in the questionnaire, which is here. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if I’ve made tremendous spelling mistakes, please email, Tweet @ToBeQuiteFrank, or hit me up here. I don’t bite, spam or retweet obsessively and your details won’t get passed on. Promise.

To keep up to date with developments regarding this whole project, check back here. I don’t yet know how long the census will be open for, or the details of the register. (I do know I want to stop calling it a census or register. Name suggestions are appreciated!)

If the project goes well, I have another idea which, again, involves everyone and is MCRmy-related as opposed to fan expression-related. So let’s see how for we can make this thing go.

(For those of you who subscribe to Indifferent Ignorance via email, this published twice because my finger slipped while I was working on the draft. Post ‘2307’ has now been deleted. My bad.)