[Insert snappy, eye-catching title here]

I’ve been working on the design of The Webways recently, and had a thought or two about here. I’ve got a few ideas, but mostly I know what I don’t want to do. Like have a background full of sparkly GIFs. Or go back to luminous font. Or cram the sidebar full of advertisements. Or display a hit counter.

I think all those things are pretty basic pet website hates, which one can build a portfolio of – especially if one uses a site regularly. It’s not just websites’ content that has the potential to get to me; I nearly had a fit when MCRmy.com changed its layout (it didn’t change completely. But enough to make me feel like I’d had a bad haircut). WordPress has updated itself this month too, going for a more ‘simplistic’ layout on the front page. It’s not bad, per se, but I liked the organisation of the previous one because I like detail. The BBC website, on the other hand, really grew on me even though I wasn’t sure about the slide-y bit at first.

So, I want to know what your pet website hates are. (‘Pet website hates’? ‘Website pet hates’. ‘Aspects of a website that make you want to shoot the designer’.) Include examples. What do you wish people would never include on their page? What do you wish they would? Do you prefer image-based sites or text-based ones? How do you feel about infinite scrolling? Don’t just leave it at websites, now I think about it… what’s your opinion on #hashtagging every other #word when you Tweet #something? Should one really never link up one’s Facebook and Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube/etc.?

I’m quite curious to see what people think. I mean, I like my websites, but I’m fully aware that – for The Webways at least – readability has to take precedent over what I think is pretty, because otherwise people won’t read.

And you thought that title was because I couldn’t think of what to say.

It was.


Start the Week As You Intend to Continue: By Doing My Bidding!

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s a little known fact that Sunday is the first day of the week. I learnt this in RS; Saturday is Jewish Sabbath and the final day of the week, and the early Christians moved their day of worship to Sunday because Jesus was resurrected on a Sunday, and Jews didn’t like them preaching in their synagogues so kicked them out on Saturdays. But somewhere along the line we got the ‘weekend’ and all that was lost except to people who frequent synagogues or churches.

Anyway, my point is that, since today is the beginning of a new week, we should start it well by doing something good. Which, in my case (and yours, if you’d be so kind) is by voting for MCR in this year’s European Music Awards. They’re being held in Belfast in November, and in the mean time we’re all being encouraged to vote for our favourite artist.


Yeah, because My Chem can actually do laundry. We’ve seen Life on the Murder Scene. We know it’s all about the Febreze.

The whole thing’s got the MCRmy quite excited, I must say. There was a competition to design banners to encourage people to vote, a question devoted to it on this week’s #MCRChat and the Hilarious MCR Internet Memes MCRmy.com thread got a bit hyper.

My contribution to the competition (I love Photoshop, hours of time-wasting and you don’t even need to use the Internet):

“While helping the downtrodden Mikey do his laundry in silence, I suddenly realized that I had fallen in love with him the same way my raven black locks fall gently over my my perfect ivory skin… The laundry symbolized our love and I hoped he would realize that too…”

Outerspacepink came up with that after someone pointed out that everyone’s going to spawn fan fiction out of, er, doing laundry. It could work.

It won’t work.