Please Buy Me Hermione’s Beaded Bag for Christmas.

Two blogs in three days is it 2011? No it’s too early for dinner but too late to get stuck into anything big.

In case I hadn’t mentioned it I’m going backpacking soon, and I’ve borrowed a rucksack to do a trial packing session. I’m going to be honest with you, reader… it’s a little small. I mean, I’m small. There’s no point getting a 100 litre bag when I wouldn’t be able to lift it. And how much stuff do you really need? Other than underwear, medication, money and your passport?

Mr Potato Head Overpacking
from Twitter

Well not gonna lie I was hoping to take a tablet so I could reconnect with nature, aka blog for fun. And I’ll need a pair of shoes that aren’t walking boots. Oh, and solid shampoo and eyeliner because I read somewhere that sometimes the only difference between sanity and insanity when you’ve been sitting on a bus for 14 hours in a foreign country is wearing something that makes you feel like you. And ‘me’ is black eyeliner and clean-ish hair. But I also like clean-ish skin and I’m pretty sure my extensive moisturiser collection won’t fit… We’ll be visiting a lot of sacred temples and museums so I’m definitely taking trousers and tops with long sleeves. But we’re going to like have fun so I need shorts right? And a bathing suit. And pyjamas because sleeping is my favourite hobby and a hoodie or cardigan because hostels are full of people and sometimes you need to hide beneath swathes of material even if it’s 40 degrees. Oh and I’m taking a notebook for making art and a notebook that’s my diary. And I definitely need my tablet charger and phone charger. And contact lenses. And my prescription sunglasses and my regular glasses. I need a three month supply of the pill, emergency IBS medicine because who knows what the fuck I might accidentally eat and ear plugs because hostels are full. Of. People.

I need to lay everything I might need out on my bed and whittle it down to what I actually need.

While I’m off having a crisis, let me know: what’s the one thing you won’t travel without? Have  you ever over or under-packed for a trip? Have you ever witnessed a luggage fuck up of epic proportions? Help me out.