In Which I Link You to and My Formspring, and Tell You All to Get a Move On.

Hello everyone. I’m mostly here to remind you to contribute to the ’10 Years, 10 Days’ project, the deadline for which is Monday – I need time to edit. If you haven’t been particularly inspired, read this and this. If they won’t get you going, I don’t know what will. Okay, maybe this will:


I watched the whole show on iPlayer with a massive smile on my face. The moment Na Na started, I thought “They aren’t going to get bottled.” And they didn’t. Then my continual thought was “I knew there was a reason I like them better than everyone else!”

If you hadn’t already noticed, the next fortnight or so is pretty much going to be drenched in MCR. So if you don’t like, I suggest you take a little break from Indifferent Ignorance. Go on holiday to or something. Spam me on Formspring. In fact, do that anyway.