In Which I Shamlessly Promote My Own Work

I’ve bombarded you all with things I like to read, now I’m going to bombard you with things  I’ve written. Or made on Photoshop.

First off, I made a DeviantART profile. I actually had one ages ago, but I got fed up with reading comments and summaries by people who thought that their ability to draw a straight line made them a gift from God, so I deleted it. Now, since very few of you have been on Self-Publishing on the Interwebz, and fewer of you have commented – don’t look at me like that, I have statistics for these things – I thought I’d make a separate profile on which you can all browse arty stuff to your heart’s content.

Secondly, I’ve finished An Emoshitter’s Guide to the Galaxy. allows you to comment if you don’t have an account (I think DeviantART does too, actually), so get reading. There’s six chapters made of three haikus. That’s three hundred and six syllables. Most of you say more than that in your sleep. Or in sub-blogs, at any rate…

I reckon we have maybe two weeks until I can sit and write an un-scheduled blog. Indifferent Ignorance would like to thank you for your patience and remind you that there is a comment box for any complaints or queries you have regarding post-scheduling.

I Am Productive and Shall Prove It: Part 2

On with the show.

Francesca’s Best Artwork on Photoshop*

  Inspired by this:

*Actually, the only thing I’ve made on Photoshop this holiday.

New Experience I Should Have Tried Ages Ago: #MCRChat

Invented by Cassie Whitt, and completely crazy.

Best Amateur Video/Community Effort: Newcastle MCRmy

Anyone in Essex fancy going doing a Killjoy meetup this year?!

Most Expensive Consumer Product and Its Effect on the Consumer: Fudge Paintbox Blue Velvet Hair Dye

  75ml cost something like £9.16 (I threw away the receipt once I used it, in disgust). When Mum and I redid my stripe, we left the dye in a bit long because I sat in the garden reading Russel Brand’s first autobiography with no timer and lost track of time. Because of the foils and amount of dye used, I got an electric blue bit near my scalp and turquoise at the tips. There’s also blonde from the bleach and my normal brown up top, so I had a four-tone streak of hair! This probably doesn’t excite you as much as it does me, and the sun’s since faded the whole lot lighter so there’s no evidence, but for a few days I was living my version of the eighties.

Most Guilty Pleasure-y Bedtime Reading: the Unholy Series, by Bexless

As a person, I cannot condone writing about real people as characters, especially if you’ve never met them. As writer, I say hell yeah to anything that expands your knowledge and skills in the field. I’m really sorry, guys, but this series is the best piece of fiction I’ve read in months. Possibly the best fan fiction I’ve ever come across. If I didn’t know it was based on the members of My Chemical Romance, I wouldn’t have realised reading it, which is how some fan fics work best – the story tells itself. Maximise the screen to reduce eyestrain, the text is tiny, and if you’re homophobic or Catholic-phobic (there’s probably a long word for that somewhere), avoid at all costs.

Shameless plug on end of blog: if you want to read my Heaven Help Us, click here. And review.

It’s the 2nd of April… That Has Nothing to Do With this Blog.

Some of you may be aware of a little project called #SINGItForJapan – if not, Ray Toro can explain, he’s the one behind it. Anyway, here is my contribution. Not very fancy, but I’ve only had Photoshop ten minutes.

In other news, please vote for My Chem in MTV’s March Madness contest. You know the MCRmy are a better fan base than Paramore’s fans. I know it. It’s time to show the whole world it. Click and click and keep clicking, Killjoys!

I only wrote that last sentence because of how cool it sounded in my head.

On Thursday I was a reserve in the local Speak Out competition. Thankfully I wasn’t one of the three reserves chosen to speak in the final, but I did vote for the guy who eventually won to be in it. Love democracy. Anyway, check out the top three speeches here (I don’t know if they’re on YouTube).

Some of the others, reserve and finalist ones, almost made me cry or fall off my chair laughing. One boy blamed everything bad about England on Fabio Capello, another had a thing or two to say about elderly people and another did a sketch on chewing gum, which sounds boring but really, really, wasn’t.

It got me thinking: if I had got off my arse and remembered to write the entire speech, not just snippets in the staff room at work experience, I might have done quite well. In fact, I rather made everyone laugh with a rant on fangirls a few weeks ago. If I re-wrote and videoed them, and stuck them on YouTube, would anyone watch them?

Before You Watch This Slide Show, Turn Off Your Computer Sound (there’s a bit of a contrast in subject matter)

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That there was a nice little snippet of the Berlin trip a fortnight ago. I would have posted it earlier, but I kind of forgot to make the slide show. If you left the sound on, what did you think of the score? I didn’t realise it was on there… Oops. Sorry about the distinct lack of order, by the way, the whole programme was a bit fiddley.

Still, I have Photoshop now. On my shiny, new, so expensive-no-one-can-touch-it-but-me laptop. It’s got Internet Explorer 9. And fancy buttons I can’t work out. As usual.

Oh yeah, you just saw photographs of a concentration camp, a gas chamber, the remains of the Berlin Wall, some idiotic teenage girls who decided to try surfing on the join between two train carriages, the 1936 Olympic Stadium, the Brandenburg Gate, and some Soviet Union propaganda. Oh, and some Jewish kitchen art.

Look what I took a photo of in town today:

It turns out ‘franked mail’ or ‘franking’ are authorised forms of marking that qualify mail to be posted. Or something.

Should I make it the blog background or header?!