[Insert snappy, eye-catching title here]

I’ve been working on the design of The Webways recently, and had a thought or two about here. I’ve got a few ideas, but mostly I know what I don’t want to do. Like have a background full of sparkly GIFs. Or go back to luminous font. Or cram the sidebar full of advertisements. Or display a hit counter.

I think all those things are pretty basic pet website hates, which one can build a portfolio of – especially if one uses a site regularly. It’s not just websites’ content that has the potential to get to me; I nearly had a fit when MCRmy.com changed its layout (it didn’t change completely. But enough to make me feel like I’d had a bad haircut). WordPress has updated itself this month too, going for a more ‘simplistic’ layout on the front page. It’s not bad, per se, but I liked the organisation of the previous one because I like detail. The BBC website, on the other hand, really grew on me even though I wasn’t sure about the slide-y bit at first.

So, I want to know what your pet website hates are. (‘Pet website hates’? ‘Website pet hates’. ‘Aspects of a website that make you want to shoot the designer’.) Include examples. What do you wish people would never include on their page? What do you wish they would? Do you prefer image-based sites or text-based ones? How do you feel about infinite scrolling? Don’t just leave it at websites, now I think about it… what’s your opinion on #hashtagging every other #word when you Tweet #something? Should one really never link up one’s Facebook and Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube/etc.?

I’m quite curious to see what people think. I mean, I like my websites, but I’m fully aware that – for The Webways at least – readability has to take precedent over what I think is pretty, because otherwise people won’t read.

And you thought that title was because I couldn’t think of what to say.

It was.