I have to finish a 1500 word report on the Rwandan genocide, a 1200 word introduction on a Psychology project, two-thirds of The Catcher in the Rye and a PowerPoint presentation about it and notes on two acts of Othello, and I’ve ended up on VH1’s ‘Will You Love North West? 5 Other Celeb Baby Names That Grew On Us‘.

I won’t.

So I’m writing a blog because at least that’s productive-ish.

Except I’m so distracted by the CIA World Factbook and Google Docs that I can’t gather my thoughts to go into anything into great detail (I also lost the list of things I wanted to blog about when exams ended)… So this is a suggestion that you head over to The Webways because I’m 83% sure it’ll have been made better since your last visit – unless you’ve visited since Thursday, anyway. Or you could look at some pretty Gatsby/Gatsby memes and reflect upon what it must feel like to watch Leonardo DiCaprio die twice in two days.

It was weird and traumatic, although his character was a bit dodgy the second time round.

I’m going to make my third (fourth?) caffeinated beverage of the day and check to see if Sprout, my badly named Politics bean, has emerged from the soil.

If The Webways isn’t enough for you, check this out:

The End of the World Just Got Noisy

  Is it just me, or does My Chem’s new video for Na Na Na (Na Na Na x (10³x10³x10³)) really give off Maximum Ride vibes?

  Think about it.

  • Apocalypse – check. Well, the flock never actually saw the world blown up (sadly, considering the profound crapness of the fourth, fifth and sixth books).
  •  Company which seems to be in charge of the world – check. Itex/Better Living Industries.
  • Evil person in charge of company – check. The Director/Grant Morrison the Comic Book Guy, whose name Danger Days I don’t know.
  • Stupid character names – check. Maximum, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, Angel/Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul, Dr. Death Defying. I could go on but I’ve forgotten who it is I’m following on Twitter.
  • Action every other chapter/slide – check. Mikey’s good at karate, but I challenge him to beat Ellen, Isobel, Jemma and I when we’re angry.
  • Pure fantasy element – check. The real reason I got into Max Ride was because it was nothing I had ever come across. Mutant children who lived in cages, brilliant. Blokes with funny-coloured hair making loud noises with instruments, also brilliant. 

  James Patterson: delete the most recent three books from existance. Rewrite the series from Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. Ask Gerard Way for help instead of a stupid ghostwriter. I dare you.


  Is it just me, or does Gerard look tanned? Has all the sun actually affected his corpse complex?