The Ways of the Universe

It’s true that you learn something new every day. On Monday, I learnt that there is a website called There is also a sister site, Please, someone, tell me they’re a wind up. Some of the people in the stories need therapy.

Yesterday, I found out two new things. The first is that Matt Damon – otherwise known as The Actor That Never Ages – studied English at Harvard University. I also discovered that Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em- otherwise known as That Dude Who Does Funny Dancing – has a real name. DeAndre Cortez. His surname is Way.


Should I now respect or listen to his music, or be content to ponder the ways of the universe? Ways of the universe, heh heh. I mean, chances are they aren’t related…

Finding the two most contradictory photos possible was quite amusing… If you’re wondering where I found this out, Soulja Boy was getting his surname tattooed onto his hand by Kat Von D on LA Ink, which I record and watch every week. Look!

I’ve been asked to discuss Stratford, but I don’t have any photos because my camera’s been playing up – I’m waiting for a long line of people to email theirs to people I know who can then email them to me. I’ve also been trying to make posts slightly less random, so my Shakespeare spouting will have to wait a while, I’m afraid.