I seriously did not mean to leave it nearly a fortnight without posting… I don’t even know why – oh, wait, the Census is overtaking my life. Or wants to. It won’t, but it will be up soon.

I have a few posts planned while I’m on holiday (I leave tomorrow), so come and hang out here when it rains! In the mean time, visit, which is a really great MCRmy fansite – and I’m not just saying that because I run it. Well, I am a bit. Quite a bit. But it’s getting more and more projects, so my point still stands.

YouTube maybe works enough for one video… I’ll make an appreciation post when I get back, but for now here’s Prejudice.


I was going to post on Wednesday, but then a teacher at school did an assembly on what I wanted to talk about and it was so much better than anything I could write that I got disheartened. Also I’m not supposed to be using my right arm too much…

Which puts a spanner in the whole typing works.

So this is a week-late Frank’s Newest Project Post. Check it out if you’re an MCR fan. Check it out if you aren’t. Tell me what you think regardless. And if you have a site, project or meetup you want featured, let me know!

While I’m thinking about it: I’m reworking the Transmissions page here, so it’s easier to find the crap I post on the Interwebz.

That really is all, everything I want to say requires more arm-power. Or the voice-recognition software I haven’t installed yet. So have a funny video to make up for the abrupt sentences: