Eleven Days…

  Growing up with Lauren always wishing she’s a year older, I’ve never been too fussed about time passing – until recently.

  Hurry up, Halloween! I want to get rid of the bad background and dodgy header, change everything on Twitter, unveil my rather-brilliant-if-I-may-say-so-myself plans for Indifferent Ignorance. I’m not going to give anything away until the 31st though. Not even if you promise me a signed copy of Danger Days hot off the press. Okay, maybe then. All I’m saying is, “Not black.” At all.

  Well, a little bit. It’s a staple colour, or something…

  Sort of makes it hard to think of things to write about, actually. I want everything new to be once everything’s all pretty. I could complain about something, I suppose. I am pretty good at it.

  Forty minute lessons, then, for the half day. What?! As soon as I’d worked out where I was supposed to be going, and got there, we had half an hour to cram stuff about… I don’t even know. The day’s a blur. Although that, I’m told, is thanks to a migraine which I’ve had since Thursday.

  I always thought a migraine was a fictional illness that came out of the wardrobe when it was hockey in PE.