Retweeted from @GerardWayPics, which had been Retweeted by @MCRmy_India, and showed up on the @MCRmyCensus timeline. This was almost definitely taken before Donnie was born, since there’s beer by Gerard’s arm, but let’s not quibble… Reincarnation?! Just did some Twitter stalking. Donnie the first may be a Donnette, named Bessina. What she was doing in Gerard’s lap is […]

MCRmy Census & New Site Update (please read and tell me your ideas!)

Good afternoon, snowflakes. There’s some good news and some irritating news: First off, I’ve now logged over a hundred census entries into the database, and currently have about forty more to do – although every time I blog there’s an influx of entries, and it’s open unil the end of April, so if I haven’t emailed […]

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it does it make a sound?” I dunno, but it might crush some flowers.

It’s weird when you come home from school and find an upside-down tree in your back garden. Then you discover that the tree felling people who are massacring the neighbours’ hedges have extended their services to your neighbours’ garden, and somehow a conifer (flew? Teleported?) managed to get into your mum’s flower bed. What was more […]

10 Years, 10 Days: Killjoys Are Creative (and sometimes slightly insane)

I mentioned the Killjoys’ creative talent the other day, but it’s time to devote an entire post to it. Sadly, as with band interviews, there are far too many pieces of work on the Interwebz to name. So browse the band or SINGIfForJapan on DeviantART to your heart’s content for artwork. For fanfictions, I recommend […]