Want to Be a Rockstar? Wear Your Sunglasses In the Toilet Cubicle.

I’m currently on MSN with Isobel, and she told me I have no email because I’m simply not cool, because I don’t wear Primark Ray Bans into toilets, like she does (this makes her a rockstar).

I was going to reply, “I am a rockstar, I’m watching the TV with the sound turned down!” But then I looked at the screen, realised Planetary was playing and turned it up. Then, as I was telling Isobel this, it ended. So I rewound.

Here are Indifferent Ignorance’s resident rockstars, Bel and Frank:

  As the photo uploaded I rewound Planetary. This is fun.

  That’s the third time… Or fourth.

  I feel slightly weird about the whole thing when I was up until half one last night reading the sequels to Unholy.

This One Isn’t a Five Minute Job, I Promise. There’s Links.

  I feel that it’s been far too long since I posted a blog with words in, not least words that require thought processes, so I thought I’d sit down and have a nice little chat with all you computer-people.

  How is lent coming, I hear you ask… To be honest, I’m a bit crap at it. I keep forgetting! In Berlin I hadn’t eaten a meal all day, so when we got to the hotel and someone offered me an Oreo I practically inhaled it. I also devoured a couple of Jaffa Cakes (sorry Rhiannon) but I don’t think they count as biscuits. I ate a chocolate biscuity caramel thing on Saturday… it was a Twix, basically, but not by Twix, so I just ate it without thinking.


  In other news, I made marmalade yesterday. Well, I say ‘I’ and ‘made’ using the terms loosely. Mum helped and we aren’t sure if it set or not, but I’d had enough of the pan overflowing every five minutes after an hour, so we decanted it. Except the amount of liquid seemed to have grown instead of evaporated away, so we ran out of jars pretty quick. I can’t post a photograph because my camera’s batteries went in Berlin and I can’t find the spare ones. So imagine this, times about twelve, in various containers:

  A few of you may have seen the new Planetary (GO!) video which came out yesterday. If you haven’t:

  A lot of people have been saying they’re disappointed by the lack of cinema, story, etc. This is stupid. My Chem are a band and last time I checked, bands play music. So enjoy the lights and dance! Speaking as someone who was at the Hammersmith Apollo when this song was debuted, the reaction to which was what made them release it as a single, the energy has been captured perfectly.

  While we’re on the subject of My Chem, MCRmy.com has been relaunched! Yay! Let’s all go play Killjoys and Draculoids with our masks on!

  Talking of relaunching… Is it just me, or does this look rather like the Indifferent Ignorance font? Just saying.

  Happy World Water Day.

Never Let It Be Said That I Don’t Start What I Finish…

… Or that I won’t use my favourite band to write a cheap blog. My Chem won two NME awards last night, best international band and best video for Na Na Na. It is nice to prove to the Kerrang! people that people in the UK do actually appreciate good music. The ceremony is being aired sometime Saturday on Channel 4/T4, I think. In the meantime, play spot the bandmate in the background!

  In celebration, here is a little something Isobel wrote on her way to Italy last Friday. She has gone skiing. So has my brother, but thankfully in Austria. There would be war on the slopes if they were in the same country. “Wait til I tell your sister about what you said about short people.” “Wait til I tell your sister you stole her eyeshadow palette.”

“How’s life up there? Down the end, us teenagers are partying with poison and singing about Helena and her drowning lessons. But, hey, you know what they do to guys like us in prison, but what do they do to you guys? I was almost falling to sleep, when I realised, I never told you what I do for a living! I think there’s a bit of romance down there. It will die down when we go for a cemetery drive though. But when on a ski trip always remember, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a deathwish, the jet set life is gonna kill you, and this time, our lady of sorrows won’t be there, so save yourself, I’ll hold them back and finally, in the summertime interlude, avoid the destroya. That’s it for now. Remember, as these could be my famous last words, that even if the only hope for me is you, I don’t love you. For all the demolition lovers that think vampires can never hurt you, this is a goodnite from Dr. Death Defying, PhD, OBE, MCR, inventor of the Bulletproof Heart.”

  There are 24 songs incorporated… First person to point them out (who isn’t Ellen) gets… Something.