Hey. I’m Francesca. Indifferent Ignorance started when I thought it would be interesting to make a blog and write about people’s indifferent ignorance (campaigning to get it recognised as a life-deliberating disease now). As it turns out, other people being irritating can be exhausting to write about, so I intersperse intelligent conversation with… conversation. You can find some partially organised posts on the Transmissions page if you’re new, and message me at tobequitefrank@indifferentignorance.com with your fan mail and endless gratitude, etc.

Occasionally Asked Questions

  1. Do you do sponsored posts? No. I tried it once and ew (I sell other people’s stuff on the Internet all day and cannot be bought for anything less than a Lamborghini, a My Chemical Romance reunion and a dog shelter in my good name). If you’re an indie blogger, writer or artist like myself, please do hit me up with whatever you make – if you’ve written a book you think I might like to review, or if you want to promote your feminist zine or best friend’s band, MAIL ME IMMEDIATELY at transmissions@indifferentignorance.com and we can be indie bloggers/writers/ artists together!
  2. Why are there adverts around and about? Running a website with domain names and mapping is expensive – if you guys click on an ad, I get a few cents and I can use that money to pay for blog upkeep. If you absolutely loathe them, I suggest buying from my shop or supporting me on Patreon, so I can afford to spend more time and money on here and less in my day job.
  3. How come you’re a reasonably well-informed civil rights advocate in your recent posts but occasionally I find things like this? Well, darling, I wasn’t always this well-informed. Plus I was 14 when I started writing here, and – no disrespect to 14-year-olds – my world view hadn’t finished cooking (I’ll let you know when it does).
  4. Why do your older posts’ images not contain credits or links to the original source? Aged 14 I was not aware of the manners surrounding copyright. I couldn’t find the original images if I tried now, so if you have a source please let me know and I’ll update the post.
  5. What is The Webways? It’s a My Chemical Romance fansite which archives and promotes work, projects and meet-ups by MCR fans. I’m the founder and editor, so I’m inclined to think it excellent.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. A little bit rude????

    Frank, your probably the most outright, rudest person i know!! (in a good way 🙂 )

    you need to change that to say yes i am a rude person, and yes i speak my mind. And i tell people to their faces. etc.

    THAT would be more truthful!
    And just coz im allowed to say this- LOTS OF EMPHASIS ON THE SHORT SIDE!!!!


    Bel x 🙂

    P.s got new just dance 🙂


    1. I think saying ‘You will hate me because I tell you what I think of you,” might get me even less hits than I do at the moment, somehow…




    1. Here’s how it goes, on here anyway:

      I write politically incorrect, funny rants on various topics a few times a week. You subscribe to this blog, using the sidebar, and get an email every time I post something.

      Then, unlike your daughter, you visit the actual website by clicking on the blog heading on the email, read what I have to say and comment with your opinion on my opinion. Comprende?

      Oh, ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’ and is a sort of online diary.

      Except this is nothing like my actual diary… People have my permission to read this.



  2. Ermm…..I’ll sign it, if I can see it.

    (This comment is now up for verification, don’t say I didn’t send it if YOU can’t see it.)


    Love, Pugsley.


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