Hey. I’m Francesca. Indifferent Ignorance started in 2009 when I was a wee grumpy 14 year old and thought it would be interesting to make a blog and write about people’s indifferent ignorance (campaigning to get it recognised as a life-deliberating disease now). These days (I’m 22. How did that happen?!) I write about my travels, writing fiction, running an Etsy shop and my various quarter-life crises, as well as books and music and the intricacies of being the only person on my street who didn’t vote Brexit.

Occasionally Asked Questions

  1. Do you do sponsored posts? No. I tried it once and ew. If you’re an indie blogger, writer or artist like myself, please do hit me up with whatever you make – if you’ve written a book you think I might like to review, or if you want to promote your feminist zine or best friend’s band, MAIL ME IMMEDIATELY at transmissions@indifferentignorance.com and we can be indie bloggers/writers/ artists together!
  2. Why are there adverts around and about? Running a website with domain names and mapping is expensive – if you guys click on an ad, I get a few cents and I can use that money to pay for blog upkeep. If you absolutely loathe them, I suggest buying from my shop or supporting me on Patreon, so I can afford to spend more time and money on here and less in my day job.
  3. How come you’re a reasonably well-informed civil rights advocate in your recent posts but occasionally I find things like this? Well, darling, I wasn’t always this well-informed. Plus I was 14 when I started writing here, and – no disrespect to 14-year-olds – my world view hadn’t finished cooking (I’ll let you know when it does).
  4. Why do your older posts’ images not contain credits or links to the original source? Aged 14 I was not aware of the manners surrounding copyright. I couldn’t find the original images if I tried now, so if you have a source please let me know and I’ll update the post.
  5. What is The Webways? It’s a My Chemical Romance fansite which archives and promotes work, projects and meet-ups by MCR fans. I’m the founder and editor, so I’m inclined to think it excellent.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. A little bit rude????

    Frank, your probably the most outright, rudest person i know!! (in a good way 🙂 )

    you need to change that to say yes i am a rude person, and yes i speak my mind. And i tell people to their faces. etc.

    THAT would be more truthful!
    And just coz im allowed to say this- LOTS OF EMPHASIS ON THE SHORT SIDE!!!!


    Bel x 🙂

    P.s got new just dance 🙂


    1. I think saying ‘You will hate me because I tell you what I think of you,” might get me even less hits than I do at the moment, somehow…




    1. Here’s how it goes, on here anyway:

      I write politically incorrect, funny rants on various topics a few times a week. You subscribe to this blog, using the sidebar, and get an email every time I post something.

      Then, unlike your daughter, you visit the actual website by clicking on the blog heading on the email, read what I have to say and comment with your opinion on my opinion. Comprende?

      Oh, ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’ and is a sort of online diary.

      Except this is nothing like my actual diary… People have my permission to read this.



  2. Ermm…..I’ll sign it, if I can see it.

    (This comment is now up for verification, don’t say I didn’t send it if YOU can’t see it.)


    Love, Pugsley.


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